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Digital Course: Start-to-Finish RNA-Seq Data Analysis


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RNA-Seq turns out to be many different applications, depending if you are just interested in differentially expressed genes or also want to find alternative splicing. Furthermore you might be interested in non-coding RNA for gene regulation like MicroRNA or RNA-Seq is for you a discovery application to find and characterize novel transcripts. This course will cover topics such as Alignment, File formats, QA/QC - spike-in controls, differential gene expression, alternative splicing, fusion gene detection, coding-SNPs, allele-specific expression, novel transcript detection. In addition we will make sense of NGS data by gene-ontology and pathway analysis. 




About this Product:
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Matthias Prucha Matthias Prucha, Ph.D., Business Development & Support Manager Europe, Partek 

Biography: Before starting his industry career, Matthias Prucha worked as Biochemist in the Microbiology for the degradation of chlorinated aromatic organic pollutants like chlorinated Phenols, PCBs and Dioxins. For two years he worked in Bioimaging before he joined Affymetrix in 2000. At Affymetrix he had mainly a support role but also did Marketing projects and specialized for Whole Transcriptome Gene Expression (with Alternative Splicing), Gene Regulation (ChIP-chip) using Tiling arrays and also automated SNP Genotyping. In 2010 he joined Partek as Business Development & Support Manager in Europe.

Ryan Peters Ryan Peters, Field Application Specialist, Partek 

Biography: Ryan Peters works for Partek Inc. as a Field Application Specialist whose primary focus is analysis of Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing Data and supporting Partek customers across the United States and Canada. He graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Engineering Washington University in St. Louis, and a MSc Genetic Epidemiology Washington University in St. Louis.

About the Conference:
X-Gen Congress and Expo is the event for the genomics revolution, promoting the cross-fertilization of established and emerging technologies, along with exciting applications for next-generation sequencing. This year’s programming addresses the technological advances enabling faster and cheaper DNA/RNA mapping, creating genomic comparisons and accelerating genomic discoveries. It will also showcase next-generation sequencing platforms creating sequence reads of DNA fragments for genome variation studies, RNA for transcriptome studies, DNA-protein interactions for epigenetic studies, and chromosomal DNA of  large genome nucleotide variations for copy number studies.

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