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On March 5 of this year, X-Gen Congress & Expo convened in San Diego, CA. 350 participants from 17 countries, and over 200 companies, spent three days networking and discussing the potential of established and emerging genomic technologies. The genomics revolution continues to present the following challenges and opportunities, along with exciting new applications, as well as, case studies, and best practices. Each program at X-Gen Congress & Expo 2012 featured 100 presentations and discussions offering different views and perspectives on poignant issues that the field currently faces, while also able to facilitate networking opportunities and peer collaborations.

Thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for your support and contribution, and to all the delegates for your participation.  The success of this event is largely due to the dedicated participants that return with us year after year.

We look forward to seeing you again next year. SAVE THE DATE - MARCH 18 - 21, 2013.

If you would like to share your feedback, or give input for next year's event, please contact  Mary Ann Brown at 

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Detecting Sense-Antisense Transcripts Differentially Regulated by Androgens in Prostate Cancer Cells

Melanie LehmanMelanie Lehman, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology

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Evaluation of Deep Exome Sequencing for the Discovery of Novel SNPs and De Novo Mutations by Using the Mouse Model

Yoichi GondoYoichi Gondo, Ph.D., Team Leader, Mutagenesis and Genomics Team, RIKEN BioResource Center

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SAVE THE DATE: The Fourth Annual X-Gen Congress & Expo 2013 will be held the week of March 18 at the Hilton San Diego Resort in San Diego, CA. We hope to see you at next year's event.

We will be working on the program agenda for 2013 shortly. If you are interested in speaking, exhibiting, and/or sponsoring, please contact Mary Ann Brown at




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Keynote Speakers:


Richard WilsonRichard K. Wilson, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics & Director, The Genome Institute, Washington University School of Medicine

Elizabeth WortheyElizabeth A. Worthey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, The Human and Molecular Genetics Center, Pediatrics, Bioinformatics, Medical College of Wisconsin

Samuel LevySamuel Levy, Ph.D., Director of Genomic Sciences, Scripps Translational Science Institute and Scripps Genomic Medicine, Professor of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute

Robert BraunRobert Braun, Ph.D., Associate Director/Chair of Research, The Jackson Laboratory

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